Birra di Parma

Elegance guides it, style distinguishes it.
An impeccable and clean line.
Enveloping aromas and intense flavors.
Three different ways of expressing a single, strong identity.
And the irresistible charm of the essential.

Birra Gold

blond ale

Classic blonde beer, where the sweet notes of malt prevail balanced by a light hopping
which recalls slightly herbaceous and citrus aromas. A beer suitable for many combinations but in
particular for the typical Mediterranean cuisine.


Birra Silver

imperial pils

A Pils where the skilful dosage of carefully selected high quality malts and hops gave
birth to a clear with character. In particular, the notes of the hops are translated into a citrus flavour
but above all they give a hint of spices that makes SILVER suitable to be drunk during meals. In particular, we
suggest it with cheese, game, boiled meat, elaborated first courses.


Birra Bronze


Hopped beer, full of character with a wide profile of fragrances in which tropical and citrus
notes emerge, balanced by a good dose of malt manifesting with hints of
caramel. The full body makes it suitable as an accompaniment to red meats, cured meats,
cheeses, soups, also fish soups.


Collage Foto Birra di Parma